Las Vegas getting snow? Newsworthy. Toronto getting snow? Not so much.

Every time the jet stream brings us the flurries – in great quantities or small – it’s the end of the world. Each moment of the storm in sensationalized and each subsequent storm is “worse” than the last. Every headline in the city cries out with tabloid-esque titles like “Snowmageddon” or the “Worst Storm We’ve Seen!” Now that first term was apparently coined by Environment Canada and not one overzealous and excited news outlet (which makes me worried for our meteorologists, frankly) but you can bet the media latched onto it with a fervour usually reserved for canines with a choice bone or Perez Hilton with a largely uninteresting and highly questionable piece of gossip.

So on behalf of all my fellow Torontonians I would like to stress that we don’t actually freak out when it snows…our media does. It’s winter (or almost winter) in Canada…we expect snow and we deal with it relatively well (the occasional idiot driver notwithstanding) and go about our daily lives without being traumatized. As Torontoist points out, you may have trouble driving, the TTC may be a little slow, and your neighbour probably won’t plough his walk but that’s winter in Toronto. So be assured we are laughing at the headlines along with the rest of Canada. I myself am calling it “Snowpocalypse Now! I love the smell of snowflakes in the morning…” if anyone around me brings it up.

That being said – this first major snowfall of the season is providing all the news outlets with some great fodder for exaggeration and intense coverage (some tongue-in-cheek, some sadly not so much):

– As BlogTO put it, the award for most unnecessary but comprehensive storm coverage goes to The National Post who are liveblogging the storm

– “Snowmageddon” is currently the top trending topic on Twitter. I would guess the majority are people making fun of Toronto (and I would too…but again, it’s the media going crazy not the people!)

– Torontoist has a fantastic article about Toronto and snow, “Snow. n. See “mass hysteria.”“.

– (as they do every time any kind of precipitation evens threatens to rain down on us) has posted a “Storm Survival Guide” along with their many superlative-filled storm watch articles.

If I see any more coverage insanity – I will add throughout the day. If you have any great links to articles, please comment!