Just finished officially live blogging the event that took the city by storm today…CupcakeCampTO!

As their website tells the world, CupcakeCamp was originally the brainchild of a group of folks in San Francisco. The idea was to bring together cupcake lovers, bakers, and eaters. The first one was a huge success so a couple of my friends thought they would bring it to Toronto. And boy howdy, did they! We had over 400 people show up (including a ton of media including Food TV) which was way more then we expected (meaning the venue ended up being too small – but live and learn) and raised over a $1000 for the Toronto Humane Society! The reaction was almost uniformly positive and judging by the reaction on Twitter, we’ll be having another one soon!

Best part? When my friend showed up with her son wearing a t-shirt that had “I heart cupcakes!” on the front and this on the back:

COME ON! So cute.

Tons of great coverage of the event…but A Baked Creation blog really did a great job of covering all the highlights. They even have a shot of me in the distance liveblogging from my perch above everything. Some great pics in the Flickr pool too.

Now I’m trying not to slip into a diabetic, cupcake-induced coma on my friend’s couch!