Now my obsession with Twitter (both as a writer and reader) is not new and I remain constantly amazed at the fact that my fascination has yet to wear thin (although as any popular social tool, it’s time will eventually pass). I do spend the majority of my time following, writing and responding to friends…but there is a small group of famous Twitterati I follow that both entertain and enlighten me. So if you are like-minded Twitter users I suggest you check out these witty well-known wordsmiths (if you haven’t already), you won’t regret it!

Stephen Fry – Dancer, couturier, superheavyweight boxer, neo-plasticist and rapper (or so his bio tells us). Today, aside from a speaking engagement in London (where he covered, among other topics, what Wilde would’ve made of Twitter), he got trapped in an elevator and entertained us all with his account (and pictures) of the boredom and hilarity. If you add any one of my suggestions, I humbly suggest you start with Mr. Fry.

John Cleese – He in need of no introduction. A fairly frequent updater who lets us know that “Yes, I am still indeed alive, contrary to rumour, and I am making video podcasts.”

John Hodgman – self-described “expert”, American author and humorist. And yes you also know him as PC in Apple’s “Get a Mac” advertising campaign and his work on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

Neil Gaiman – author, creator and imaginator extraordinaire…bio: “will eventually grow up and get a real job. Until then, will keep making things up and writing them down.”

Felicia Day – Witty, like-minded social media nerd and lovely actress…or as she describes herself: “Actress, Filmmaker, Gamer, Misanthrope”.

And as an added bonus…one faux celebrity (and by that I mean it’s someone pretending to be said celeb):

Michael Bay – Hysterically funny account that basically takes the crazy and wacky personality that is Michael Bay and takes it one notch further, so that he is now cartoonishly awesome.

Twitter has millions of users…who are your essentials?