There’s nothing like coming out of winter blahs and into some truly fantastic weather to shock this city (and it’s inhabitants) into a lively state…so how best to enjoy the new season in the city? Here are my favourite things to do:

1. Take in a Jays and/or TFC game. Nothing says spring to me like the boys of both teams being back in town…even if the ‘Dome (I know it’s the Rogers Centre but I won’t ever call it that so stop pointing it out) is closed most of the time during the early season and BMO Field is so cold you can forget your own name.

2. Enjoy an ice cream cone. Most of the ice cream shopp(e)s around T.O. open up in April and I’m there as soon as they do…The Big Chill in Little Italy and Ed’s in Leslieville are two of my favourites. That smell of waffle cones being made is addictive…

3. Wander favourite neighbourhoods in the city. Be it a stroll through the Distillery District, a saunter along Queen West to Trinity Bellwoods, or a stroll through Kensington or Little italy…it’s my way of reminding myself what’s out there after the long winter hibernation!

4. Patio and People Watching! A great Toronto tradition when the mercury rises above 10 degrees Celsius…find a nice patio, grab a beverage and watch the people (freaks, families, and folks of all shapes and sizes) walk by. Kalendar at Euclid and College is a personal favourite.

5. Forget cars, bikes and TTC and WALK. This may be hard for some to believe given my love of driving and general sloth…but come springtime, I love to walk to where I need to be. I like to take advantage of that burst of energy that comes with the new season before I go back to becoming the lethargic lass people are more familiar with 😉 That transformation usually happens when my late Spring allergies kick in…thanks a bunch, Mother Nature! So look or my miserable self to show up come Mid-May.

6. Head to the waterfront! I have a tendency to head back out to where I grew up (Lakeshore and Royal York-ish), grab a sandwich, pick a waterfront park (Humber Bay is my default because of it’s great view of the city skyline) and just chill for half-an-hour or so. It’s like a mini vacation and serves as a great refresher when you are in the midst of a busy, bustling week.

7. Try new restaurants. I don’t know what it is about spring hitting that makes me want to get out and see the city, but I do tend to become a tourist in my own town and force myself to try places I’ve never been to (or have been meaning to try but never gotten around to). You’ll be amazed at what you discover. And if you do get out there…remember to review the places you’ve been on Yelp!

What are your favourite things to do?