In the midst of packing, I came across a folder full of old essays, exams and assignments from my last few years of high school. Some were fairly awesome, if I do say so myself…some made me wonder whether English was actually my first language.

I managed to cut the pile down to just a few favourites, which was awesomely cathartic. One of the gems I kept was a short personal bio (in the third person) I had to write for OAC English containing this awesome paragraph. Context…the line prior dealt with my plans to study Poli Sci at Queen’s (which I didn’t end up doing…hello to History and English):

However, Emma’s ultimate goal is to become involved in the entertainment industry. Her great love of music, theatre, television and especially film has inspired and helped her to form this dream. Whether that same dream comes true is completely up to her…(and on it goes)

Huh! And here I was thinking I hadn’t accomplished any of the goals I set for myself. Sweet discovery! Thanks, 17 year old self, for being so on the ball. And boo to my 18-27 year old selves who completely forgot I actually set working where I do as a goal.

The More You Know.