So I just got power back after being without it for 5 (and a bit) hours after an incredibly intense summer storm ripped through the province (and the city of Toronto itself).

By the numbers:

Number of hrs without power: 5
Number of trees down on my block: 8 (taking numerous power lines with them)
Hours Hydro worked to untangle lines: 2
Number of neighbours met while watching hydro crews work: 3.
Number of tornadoes that touched down: At least 3 confirmed, with more under investigation
Number of houses on my street that will be without power for days: 3 (right across the street…one tree took down all their lines)
Number of people without power after the storm: 50,000+

INSANE! I know many of you probably live in parts of the world that regularly see abnormal weather, but Toronto is usually pretty lucky – the most we ever get is the occasional thunderstorm (with only the very rare exception like a Hurricane 50 years ago, etc). I’ve seriously never seen anything like it in Toronto…tornadoes, flooding, blackouts everywhere…the storm cloud approaching the city looked like The Nothing from The Neverending Story. Seriously.

You all HAVE to take a look at some of the videos and pics from the storm taken from across the city tonight – holy god, they’re mind blowing.

Lessons I learned:

– I really need to keep my computer and cell charged just in case as, at the very least, they could provide me with entertainment while I sit and wait for power to come back on
– Continue to keep that old rotary phone as a decoration, since since it comes in handy to call family, etc. to check on them when the other phones crap out with no power
– When you move, make note of where you put candles, flashlights and lighters…as they are hard to search for at 10 pm with no light. D’oh!
– I’m way too addicted to technology…but I knew that before tonight, but it was re-enforced!

Time to see if I can finally sleep…hope everyone out there is safe and dry tonight!